the 45th Parallel

Doc Grant's Restaurant, Rangeley, Maine

Doc Grants

For many years "Doc" Grant's Restaurant was a well-known and well-loved local landmark in Rangeley, Maine. The restaurant was proud of its location in the happy middle betwixt geographic extremes, and featured a mural of a tropical hula-dancing girl beside a fur-suited Eskimo lass, with a comfortable space between. But truthfully "Doc" Grant's is located a little south of the 45th Parallel, and south of the real halfway point between the Equator and the Pole.

Sadly, the restaurant is no longer open.

The Former Home Of
"Doc" Grant's

Halfway between the Equator
and the North Pole

< Equator : North Pole >
3107 Miles : 3107 Miles

Altitude 1,547 Feet

Rangeley • Maine

Thanks to Mark Bryant for sending this photo.

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