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Soapy Smith's Skull

    Another formation "helped out" with a bit of paint.



La Jolla
Sphinx Head Cave

    Profile formed by negative space of a sea cave entrance.

La Jolla
White Lady

    Silhouette of a woman formed by negative space of a sea cave entrance.

Redwood Highway
Old Man Burl of the Redwood Highway

    A burl on a tree trunk. Does this formation still exist?


Santa Cruz
Old Man of the Sea

    A spontaneous and temporary formation at Santa Cruz.


New York

Old Forge
The Witch of the 4th Lake

    A burned tree trunk rising from the lake.


Saratoga Springs
Old Man Saratoga

    A piece of fossilized stromatolite eroded into the shape of a face. Seen on an old postcard from Petrified Sea Gardens, which is still open to the public just west of Saratoga.


Cedar Point
Old Man of the Woods

    A jowly burl protruding from a tree in the woods, seen on an old postcard.


Waupaca, Whispering Pines Resort
George Washington's Profile
    A rough natural bust of Washington cemented to the top of a rock wall. The resort became part of Hartman's Creek State Park and the wall was dismantled. The fate of the rock is unknown.


Ontario, Canada


    A glacial boulder overlooking the Devil's Gap, painted by two brothers as a prank in 1894.


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