the 45th Parallel

The Mountain

Connected to the first Mountain by a thin bridge (out of photo to right), the second Mountain is supported by several pillars of stacked rocks. On top of the Mountain, there is a row of granite columns suggestive of a Greek temple, or perhaps Stonehenge. The top of the Mountain is overgrown with grass and wild vines, but from this angle we can see how thin its concrete construction is. Most alarming are the two diving board-like cantilevers, with rugged altars of stone placed daringly at their very ends! Apparently there are railroad rails set inside of the thin cantilevers, but even so, it is hard to believe that these things can be strong enough to hold together.

Looking out the other direction, from under the shadow of the second Mountain, we see the dried remnants of the lily pond, the Pulpit where Wippich would preach his philosophical ideas to anyone who would listen, and in the distance, the 45-foot tower.

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