the 45th Parallel

Mim & Herbie's 45th Parallel Diner, Dexter, Maine

45th Parallel Diner

Marilyn "Mim" and Herbie Brooks ran the 45th Parallel Diner from 1967 to 1978. The restaurant was located at 397 Corinna Road (Highway 7), south of Dexter and just north of the 45th Parallel. The restaurant is fondly remembered by locals, but after 1978 the Brooks family moved on from food service to auto repair and sales.

In these vintage postcards you can see how the restaurant expanded over the years. A large circular globe sign with curved text to follow the 45th Parallel is a nice addition in this mid-1970s postcard:

45th Parallel Restaurant

The original diner building now serves as the office for Brooks Tire and Auto and is surrounded by other outbuildings, as seen in the 2011 Google Streetview image below. Though the old diner has been modified extensively, you can still see the original windows and front doors.

Doc Grants

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