the 45th Parallel

Plymouth, Minnesota

On the east shore of Medicine Lake there is a small metal sign along the bike path just north of East Medicine Lake Park.

Plymouth 45th Parallel

The sign is one of several placed to mark the 45th Parallel by the Three Rivers Park District which manages parklands in the western suburbs of Minneapolis. A similar sign stands by a bike path in Baker Park Reserve a few miles west of here. The signs were erected some time before 2012.

Plymouth 45th Parallel

This particular sign was apparently tagged by the aptly-named graffiti writer "WANDR". The text invites 45th Parallel tourists to take an imaginary circumnavigation of the globe, either west across Medicine Lake towards Yellowstone, or east towards Door County, and beyond. Could this map with its straight red line and highlighted cities have been directly inspired by our elongated map of the 45th Parallel? We can only hope that this website inspires more park managers to commemorate the 45th Parallel and encourage geographic curiosity in joggers and cyclists on every path which crosses the Parallel. Happy trails!

Plymouth 45th Parallel


This marker is located on the forty-fith parallel of latitude
which is midway between the Equator and the North Pole.
If you were to circumnavigate the globe, you would
pass through many notable geographic locations.

Happy trails! Sayonara, Arrivederci, Bon voyage!

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