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The Explorer Rag

Published by:
Explorer's Club and Wurlington Brothers Publications, produced monthly or semi-quarterly from February 1989 to December 1991

[MNM#s 03-0001 to 03-0020]

The Explorer Rag is a no-longer-in-print newsletter which published personal stories of travels and journeys of exploration. Articles highlighted travel abroad as well as travels around the corner, guided by the motto: "Explore your neighborhood. There are neat places near you." Selected articles from back issues of the Explorer Rag are now available online in the archives below:

February 1989 - v1.1:
Explorer's Club visits Chicago; Film Review

March 1988 - v1.2:
Short Story: The Nightmare, Part 1; Book Review: Wally Byam's Trailer Travel

April 1989 - v1.3:
A backpacking trip to Grand Canyon; Short Story: The Nightmare, Part 2

May 1989 - v1.4:
Brian Johnson goes to Poland; Ben-Bob speaks out; Book Review; The Vinyl Marmot

June 1989 - v1.5:
A hiking trip in the Black Hills; Farewell to the Lake Street Bridge; The Vinyl Marmot

July 1989 - v1.6:
Medieval Feast bust; Confederate airforce; Book Review: Richard Halliburton; Firefighters Memorial Museum; The Vinyl Marmot

August 1989 - v1.7:
Adventure on Bassett's Creek; Paranoid rant; A critique of California; The Vinyl Marmot

September 1989 - v1.8:
Firsthand account of glasnost in the USSR; Tacky Postcard Contest winners; The Vinyl Marmot

October 1989 - v1.9:
Photo gallery by Dan Erlanson; The Vinyl Marmot

December 1989 - v1.10:
A Return to Sweden; Visit to Raasay; The Vinyl Marmot; Raw Toast

February/March 1990 - v2.1:
A death-defying weekend trip to Chicago; Book Review; The Vinyl Marmot; Raw Toast; My Madison

April 1990 - v2.2:
Crossing the border at Big Bend; View from Blue Mounds; The Vinyl Marmot; Raw Toast; My Madison

July 1990 - v2.4:
Ellsworth's Rock Garden; Historic Watertowers of Minneapolis; Around Florida by Bike; Roadside Attractions: 2-story outhouse; The Vinyl Marmot; Raw Toast; My Madison

August 1990 - v2.5:
Pioneer Auto Museum; German encounter at Bryce Canyon; Cove Fort, Utah; Roadside Attractions: America's largest white spruce; Raw Toast; My Madison

October 1990 - v2.6:
Fred Smith Concrete Park; A nice visit to Red Wing; Across Wyoming on the bus; Tacky Postcard Contest winners; Roadside Attractions: Highest point in Iowa; Raw Toast

January 1991 - v2.7:
Elvis lives on in Graceland; Wrong turn in East St. Louis; Our Lady of Grace Grotto; My Madison

March 1991 - v3.1:
A Riot in San Francisco, Visit to old Mission Dolores, My Madison

July 1991 - v3.2:
Wally Byam Airstream Convention in Duluth; World's Largest Ball of Twine; Sea Lion Rock; My Madison

December 1991 - v3.3:
Dr. Evermore's Fantasy Junk Park; Great Stink Lake; Biggest Birdhouse in North Dakota; My Madison

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