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Recycled Spirits of Iron - Elbe, Washington

22410 State Route 706 East, Ashford, WA

Spirits of Iron

Sculptor Dan Klennert has been creating art from found metal objects since 1972. Many of his sculptures are on display in his yard on Route 706 just outside Mt. Ranier National Park in an outdoor sculpture park he calls "Ex Nihilo". There are dozens of large pieces made from rusted metal, of cowboys and horses, trains and bicycles. He has also done driftwood sculptures of horses, fish and an amazing giant or ogre nearly 15 feet tall.

The sculptures are scattered in the front yard of Klennert's house and also around back, leading to a small memorial garden at the far end of the property, where large crosses are dedicated to lost friends. The largest crosses are reserved for fallen cats and dogs, it seems. Two sculptures in the yard are screened off from view behind signs warning "Adults Only," which the viewer might assume conceals some x-rated scene, but they are only anatomically-correct figures made featuring an inspiring root or monkey wrench.

Photos of many of the pieces are on the Recycled Spirits of Iron Website.

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