Minnesota Museum of the Mississippi and other Natural Wonders

Totem Village - St. Ignace, Michigan

W1106 US Highway 2 W, St. Ignace, MI

Totem Village

Ralph McCarry was a logger from Tahquamenon, Michigan who began woodcarving in 1948 after a heart attack prevented him from doing strenuous work. In the 1950s he opened a museum on U.S. 2 just west of the Mackinac ferry crossing to showcase his woodcarvings, paintings and dioramas illustrating the history of the fur trade, logging, and Indians of the area. He invited the Chippewa to take part in pow wows at the museum, and they honored him with the native name "White Wolf". He passed away in 1962 at only 56. His museum is a unique artistic tribute to local history, not the typical roadside mocassin gift shop.

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