In the beginning was the creation of the heavens and the earth. Fossils, petrified wood and ancient concretions show the planets and stars forming out of the depths of chaos.

A sidewalk leads us on past a pair of pillars and a rough tower labeled "Tree of Knowldege" to a flagstone plaza. Back toward the lawn, a tall rock pillar represents Adam & Eve and a small pile symbolizes Enoch, who was taken into heaven without dying.

The massive bulk of Mount Ararat dominates the east side of the plaza. Duck under the buttress representing the rainbow to see a small rock engraved "Noah" at its base. Perhaps the upright stones represent the animals crossing two-by-two to the crowded dry land of Mount Ararat?

Numerous towers of rock are arrayed around the edges of the plaza. The Tree of Knowledge and the Oak of Mamre are placed on opposite ends, and in between, Lot's Wife is suggested with white limestone chunks in human form. The three patriarchs are less figurative but feature etched faces and signs identifying Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Behind Mount Ararat, a smaller monolith represents Mount Ararat with the Ten Commandments shown as roman numerals of lighter granite set in cement.

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